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For over 20 years we have been in the market for the industrial production of high quality aluminium food packaging and we have always kept environmental responsibility and the Quality and Food Safety Policy in our focus.o.

What makes us different

Porespack is a company specialized in the production, on an industrial scale, of aluminium food packaging. It is through a continuous investment in innovation that we guarantee competitive prices to the market, maintaining high quality standards.

Every day we produce about 130,000 packages which we use to supply the national territory, and also export to Spain, France, Switzerland, Angola and Cape Verde.

Environmental and social concerns are also part of Porespack’s philosophy and mission and for that reason we recycle, on average, 150 Tons of aluminium waste per year, as well as carrying out other environmental and cultural awareness actions.

Our mission is to provide customers with excellent products and services that not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations, anticipating future needs, increasing their efficiency and contributing to cost reduction.

Quality Certified

In recent years Porespack has been distinguished by IAPMEI with the status of SME Leader, for the quality of its performance and risk profile. It is with satisfaction that we see publicly recognized the success of our business strategy and the importance of our contribution to the national economy.

We are also an ISO9001:2015 certified company and environmental responsibility is one of Porespack’s mottos.

In what concerns the QSE Policy – Quality and Food Safety and its implementation, it is also a requirement for us. This reflects the importance of Porespack to meet the needs and legal requirements in order to improve products and services throughout the value chain.



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